RECT 82 Charitable Foundation

About Us

We are an alumnus of Regional Engineering College, Trichy (now known as National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli) of 1977-82 batch. Our alumni are spread across many continents from Australia to USA and hold prestigious positions in their respective fields of excellence.

Objective - We have formed this organisation to: 1. Help Girl Children in remote areas to improve their education and show them the opportunities ahead of them. 2. Guide and Coach them through various means to achieve excellence in whichever field they choose. 3. To bring the world to poor children of remote Govt Schools, and expose them to what good things we learnt in our life and share our experiences. 4. To enable them to decide what they could do in future and help/assist/coach them to achieve their goals. 5. Invite distinguished members of the alumnus to address the students, motivate them to achieve and excel in their life. 6. Learn/Observe best practices in the world of education and bring to these students. 7. Guide and coach the staff and parents as much as possible.